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For those lucky people upgrading to iOS8, Apply is offering a Great Free Books promotion. I hear the offer is being extended in multiple countries and languages, although I haven’t independently confirmed that. Obviously, different titles will be offered in different places as copyright law allows. Here’s a link to the U.S. offer. (The link will open iTunes.) In other countries, you should be able to simply open iTunes, go to the Books menu, and find information there. Happy reading!


The National Book Foundation has announced the longlist for the nonfiction award. There are 10 nominees. The titles cover some heavy topics this year (war, the meaning of human existence, dementia, for example). But they sound interesting, and I’m sure to add a few of them to my “to read” list. You can read more here. Now that the nominees have been named, I’m sure we’ll see a flurry of interviews with them. I look forward to those!